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John Gilbert & Gilbert Roland

Leatrice Gilbert Fountain (1924-2015), John Gilbert’s daughter, recalls the summer she discovered that her father (whom she had rarely seen in person) was living nearby…

Late one afternoon, I was coming in from swimming, all covered with sand and my long hair matted down and tangled, and I saw him. He was walking along right toward me with a glittery-looking blonde woman on his arm. I gathered up my courage and approached him.

“Hello, Father,” I said, extending a formal hand. “They told me you were staying here for the summer and I’ve been looking for you.” I was terribly nervous. I squinted up at his face and saw that he was smiling, but he seemed a little confused.. Then he reached down and swung me, sand and all, up onto his shoulder. He nodded to the blonde lady and she smiled and walked away. Then he started carrying me home, chatting with me all the way. I told him I still had the musical blue teddy bear he had given me, and that I was going to have my hair cut short in the fall when I began a new school. He seemed very interested. I thought I’d pulled off the whole thing pretty well.

My mother was playing backgammon with a friend in front of our house. She looked up as we approached, rather startled. Then from my perch high on his shoulder I heard him whisper, “She thinks I’m her father,” and I saw my mother’s amused smile. I didn’t know whose shoulder I was on, but it was clearly the wrong shoulder and I wished a tidal wave could have swallowed me and ended my embarrassment. Later Mother told me it was Gilbert Roland, formerly Jack’s stand-in, who’d carried me home.“ 

"Dark Star: The untold story of the meteoric rise and fall of legendary silent screen star John Gilbert”, by Leatrice Gilbert Fountain.

I think we all know who the hero is in this story…


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